Curitiba—It's an Eye! It's a Museum! It's the Eye Museum! | Correr Es Mi Destino
"Look! A Banana!" "I'm sorry, Mark, but it's definitely an eye." "But it's yellow…" "Okay, but it's an eye." We were afraid we wouldn't find the museum and that we would get lost in Curitiba's maze of administrative buildings—Fórum Cível, Prefeitura Municipal de Curitiba, Palácio Iguaçu… Turned out that it would have been hard to miss it. Brazilians are fairly litteral: when they nickname a museum the "Museu do Olho"—the "Eye Museum"—it actually looks like a giant eye. This is our third time in Curitiba but we have yet to visit the sights. Unlike in most cities, Curitiba's cultural and touristic landmarks are outside the historical centre, all around the city. It's a bit of a walk to get to each of them and it's hard to walk from one to the other. The Museu Oscar Niemeyer was at the top of our "come on, let's visit it" list. I've seen buildings designed by Oscar Niemeyer before but this one looked unique, plus there was an entire museum to explore. We stood there, admiring the bold and