Plot Twist – Right Country, Wrong City | Correr Es Mi Destino
Read the first part of the adventure here! We must have looked like two fugitives with a kid when we showed up at the hotel forty minutes later. The fact I asked for free toiletries (I had emptied my backpack in São Paulo) and that Mark was wearing two layers of clothing to make up for the fact we didn't have winter gear probably didn't help. Of course, Canadian customer service was too polite to comment on our appearance. "Yeah, we booked a room… ahem, forty-five minutes ago?" We were lucky: it was apparently the warmest March 1 ever in Toronto. By Canadian standards, it was pretty nice, which meant it was "cold," not "fucking cold." I figured I could survive just wearing my one pair of jeans, my hoodie and carrying a cup of hot coffee. "You guys can nap, I'm going out. Where is Dundas, already?" "Okay, see the front of the hotel? This way." "Oh yeah! Right." I know Toronto pretty well, I just had to load the right map. I followed Dundas, arrived on Spadina, explored