Brazilian Food, From Açaí to Quindim | Correr Es Mi Destino
Life is a series of trade-offs. In Argentina, people eat late and there is a nightlife. However, the entire country runs on grilled meat, pizza and pasta, and food can be a bit bland and boring after a while. On the other hand, there is a wider variety in Brazil and food is generally a good value, but lunch is the main meal of the day and restaurants close early (and sometimes, for the whole weekend…). In an ideal world, I'd eat Brazilian food on an Argentinian schedule. As soon as we entered Brazil (well, after fucking Chuí…), I met up with old friends again—vegetables. No more ham-and-cheese everything, enter new ingredients—broccoli, carrots, heart of palm, leeks, spinach, etc. Unlike their neighbours, Brazilians don't think they are going to die if they eat something green and leafy. And cheese isn't just mozzarella—there is requeijão (kind of like cream cheese), queijo Minas (a soft, mild-flavoured fresh white cheese), ricotta, etc. Brazil is a huge country and each region has its