Reaching a Plateau in Curitiba | Correr Es Mi Destino
Curitiba is a breeze of fresh air. Not literally—despite its reputation as one of Brazil's coolest city, it's still over 30º C—but it's a relaxing pit stop. I call it the "not-not city"—not too dangerous, not too humid, not too exciting, not too expensive, not too difficult. We reached a geographical and metaphorical plateau, far from the beach, for once. It's okay. We needed a break. Going back to a city we visited before is an interesting memory challenge. I kind of know my way around yet I've been to dozens of other cities since then and I have to load the right files from my human hard drive. I have vivid pictures of various places in my mind, it's just a matter of putting them back into context—the 24/24 padaria that saved my life when we arrived late at night from Natal, the futuristic bus stops, the pedestrian street, a posh shopping mall somewhere, the Rua 24 Horas … oh yeah, that street. One day, I bought some food from this small mall full of restaurants and bars. "It's