"They Were Tortured Here": Chile's Dark Past | Correr Es Mi Destino
"Mommy … why are there holes in the wall? "Mommy … what does it say here?" "Uh … 'aquí tortura.'" "In English, what does it say?" Okay, my fault. Obviously, Mark was going to ask questions. He isn't exactly a passive kid. "Okay Mark… Imagine: for example, if you want something, like a toy, and I don't think it's a good idea, what happens?" "You say, 'no, maybe tomorrow, you have too many toys at home already'?" "That sounds about right. Now, do I hit you very hard?" Mark laughs. "No! You don't hit me!" "Do I scream and hurt you?" "No, silly! You just say 'no'!" "See, if we disagree, we talk. Well, sometime, some people are not nice. And a long, long time, people who disagreed were hurt. Back then, the police wasn't nice. The police took them to this house and hurt them." "This is NOT nice." "Nope. But this was a long time ago." In Mark's years, it was. But really, the 1970s are not "a long time ago" and even I can't believe I'm standing there, at Londres 38, a nice house in a quiet