Busing to Porto Alegre | Correr Es Mi Destino
"Good night Mark, you gotta sleep now." "Why?" "… Because it's way past midnight and we have to get up early for the bus." "Again?" Montevideo to Chuy was a five-hour ride, followed by the Chuí to Pelotas four-hour trip. This is our third long-distance bus trip in three days. "Yes, again." "To where?" "Porto Alegre. So be nice and I promise, tomorrow I'll take you to a place that has been on various lists of the most dangerous cities in the world for years. Sweet dreams!" After our visit last year, I filed Porto Alegre in my "interesting place, just don't get killed there" folder. It's on the way, may as well stop there again for a few days. Why not, right? It's going to take us three hours to get to Porto Alegre. I don't even need my Kindle or entertainment, I'm planning to sleep for most of the trip. "No tablet. Sleep. Find a comfortable position. Close your eyes. Dodo." And for the second time in a row, I manage to do what I could never do when Mark was a baby—I put him to sleep,