500,000 Revelers + 3 – Rio's Crazy Centro Street Party | Correr Es Mi Destino
I'm still not quite sure how we went from "nope, not staying in Rio for the Carnival" to "hey, it's Sunday morning, let's go partyyyyyy!" Life is funny. Plus, we usually end up doing the exact opposite of what we had planned. After a good night's sleep, we felt ready for another bloco. Or at least, Feng was—I still needed a cup of coffee to get in the mood. "Where is this one?" "Centro." "Are you fucking serious?" Rio's Central Business District is the cultural and economic centre of the city, home to arts and history museums, cultural centres, churches and shopping malls. However, in Rio, the aspect of time matters. The city centre is okay during commercial hours—it's crowded and there is a police presence (i.e. four of five cops here and there with machine guns, checking their cellphone). But after the shops close, when it's empty, it is one of the worst places to be. It was Sunday, so everything would be closed. "Are you sure there is a bloco?" I asked. "It's not some kind of trap