Mix & Match Spring Workout - Cool Gear Blog
The sun is starting to peek through and we’ve finally been able to shed our heavy winter coats. With the first taste of spring, comes the realization that it’s time to swap out the cold-weather layers for vacation and summer styles. The countdown has officially begun to get beach-body ready! Switch up your usual workout routine with mix-and-match HIIT workout! Pick what you wish or go gambler-style and roll a dice to create your workout. Pick three exercises from each category and alternate cardio/upper body/lower body/core, performing each exercise for one minute. Take a minute to rest after completing each 4-exercise set. Cardio (Choose 3) 1. Jumping Jacks 2. High Knees 3. Burpees 4. Star Jumps 5. Mountain Climbers 6. Butt Kicks Upper Body (Choose 3) 1. Push Ups 2. Lateral Raises 3. Upright Row 4. Bicep Curl 5. Tricep Dips 6. Front Raises Lower Body (Choose 3) 1. Goblet Squats 2. Donkey Kicks 3. Walking Lunges 4. Side Lunges 5. Pulsing Squats 6. Hip/Butt Raises Core (Choose 3) 1. Plank 2. Plank Jacks 3. Russian Twists 4. Bicycle Crunches 5. Boat Pose 6. Reverse Crunches Repeat 3 times for a complete workout and remember to stretch it out after!