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Winter FOTD! Does anyone else start to feel like they're living inside of a snow globe at the tail end of winter?? Stay-at-home Mom life is definitely much different than any other experience I've ever had. When we're trapped indoors like this, the days just bleed together and start to feel like one, neverending day. I'm really looking forward to warmer Spring days ahead so we can shake things up, get out of the house, and explore the outdoors! My husband and I recently had our 9 year anniversary! This photo was taken outside during the afternoon we had together and the lighting is just other-worldly on my face. It really captures that whole snow-globe feeling I can't seem to shake. There's even snow in my hair! ❄️ This photo was taken when I still had a wicked rash on my face that I believe is dermatitis, possibly from the cold, or some form of allergy that I'm looking into. My skin was just angry... So, so angry. I've been applying my Pearl Powder Foundation as a serum using 2 drops of @brijacosmetics Tulsi Herbal Infused facial oil and I am absolutely LOVING the results! Full, maximum coverage in 2 minutes that's soothing, hydrating, and super fast to blend out. It doesn't make me any more oily than I already am during the day. check out my blog posts about Root's foundation as well as shop their site through the link in my bio! ❄️@rootpretty Pearl Powder Foundation in G2 ❄️#rootsophie blushing bronze ❄️#rootsnowpeach eyeshadow & #rootflora eyeshadow for a hint of mauve-plum ❄️@lilylolousacanada mascara ❄️@olgasorganics Loose Face Powder in Light and Lip Tint in Rose Do you have any End of Winter Survival Tips? I'd love to know! Happy International Women's Day!! Embrace the beauty that is inside each and every one of you! ✨