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Happy Groundhog Day! ❄️❄️❄️Today on the blog I wanted to share about this amazing product that exemplifies plant healing at its finest! Sweet, sweet Renata, @green_life_in_dublin (an inspiring woman in so many ways!), told me about Oreganol P73 when sickness wiped my entire family out 2x in a row this past month. There is nothing more horrifying than seeing your child or a loved one sick and it's especially difficult to take care of a sick child when one is sick his/herself. All of the devastating stories about families being overtaken with sickness this Flu Season makes us even more aware of how helpless we feel when we're fighting an illness. In my blog post, I summarize what makes Oreganol P73 special, what its properties are, and what its reported benefits are. Knowledge is a powerful tool in gaining back a sense of control with a take charge-can do attitude in our lives! I hope this blog post helps you and your loved ones as we battle winter threats together! Have you tried this product? I'd love to know your experiences and thoughts! Stay well, loves. Sending love and light! ❄️❄️☕ #fluseason #oreganolp73 #plantpower #plantbased #planthealing