School-Live! Live Action Movie Reveals Second Trailer! | Comic News Global
Upcoming live action movie School-Live! has released a second trailer promising plenty of zombie-fuelled terror!Based on the manga by Kaihou Norimitsu and Chiba Sadoru, School-Live! follows four regular schoolgirls who live in their school and must fight to survive a sudden zombie outbreak.The live action adaptation is directed by Real Onigokko's Shibata Issei and stars members of idol group Last Idol including Abe Nanami as Ebisuzawa Kurumi, Nagatsuki Midori as Takeya Yuki, Majima Wakana as Wakasa Yuri, and Kiyohara Rio as Naoki Miki. The School-Live! live action movie opens in Japanese cinemas on Jan. 25.(C)2019 School-Live! Movie Production CommitteeAdapted with permission from Anime!Anime! Source link