Osomatsu-san the Movie to Hit Theaters on Mar. 15, 2019! | Comic News Global
It has been confirmed that Osomatsu-san the Movie will hit theaters in Japan starting Mar. 15, 2019! The announcement was also accompanied by new teaser visuals and a preview, the latter of which is narrated by Furukawa Toshi, who voices the announcer in the TV anime.Some background was also revealed for the shenanigans and hilarity that will be greeting fans on the big screen. In the movie, it seems like the sextuplets will actually be battling an unusual bout of uncertainty, beginning with them attending a high school reunion. It's all fun and games until they realize that they're the only ones without respectable jobs - their classmates seem to have adult life figured out to a T, while they're still living carefree lives as NEETs. Suddenly lamenting their lot in life, they get drunk, and wake up with resolve to do something... but what, exactly? Sales for advance tickets begin Nov. 25. Those who purchase one for 1,500 yen (post-tax) will be gifted with one of six tin badges