Clannad Coming to Nintendo Switch This Spring! | Comic News Global
Legendary visual novel Clannad is coming to the Switch this spring!The Switch edition promises to be an even more immersive experience with 5.1ch sound available throughout, while the original stereo track will also be included for those who want it.Along with the unique capabilities of the Switch, players can also play without the use of the Joy-Con thanks to touch screen technology, or try it out one handed for added convenience during TV or Table Mode. Most importantly, although the game's voice track will be in Japanese only, it will be launched with a dual Japanese/English text version, allowing players to switch between the two. An English language digital manual will be included as well.The game will also come loaded with the "Dangopedia", provided in the English mode only. It will act as a kind of glossary for various words and concepts encountered during in the game.Developed by Key and originally released in 2004, Clannad follows a student named Okazaki Tomoya in his last