Canceled Boba Fett Movie Would Have Followed His Bounty Hunter Crew | Comic News Global
The Boba Fett movie is officially dead, but new details have recently emerged that reveal plot points for what might have been in the standalone Star Wars story.According to a report from Entertainment Weekly, the Boba Fett film would have followed not just the infamous Mandalorian clone, but the bounty-hunting associates seen standing next to him in The Empire Strikes Back. RELATED: Boba Fett Star Wars Spinoff Canceled The lizard-like Bossk, the head wrap-sporting Dengar, a rogue protocol droid dubbed 4-Lom, the insectoid tracker Zuckuss, the IC-88 assassin droid, and of course Boba Fett himself, were all hired by Darth Vader in Empire to find the Millennium Falcon, "by any methods necessary." The Sith lord noted in particular to Fett that he wanted the Falcon's crew alive, wagging a finger in his face and pointedly instructing, "No disintegration." The backgrounds of these bounty hunters have since been expanded to varying degrees over the years, both within and outside of main Star