Anime Site Collaboration Project Vol 9: Tatsunoko Production | Comic News Global
Japanese anime has never been so popular with fans all around the world as it is right now. This interview series takes a look at the behind-the-scenes stories and true feelings of those who actually produce anime in Japan and is being conducted in collaboration with international anime sites including Anime Anime, Tokyo Otaku Mode, and Chinese language outlet Bahamut.Check out the rest of the interviews here. ******************************************There are many anime studios in Japan, but Tatsunoko Production is special. Founded in 1962, it reached its 56th year this year. It's one of the leading animation companies with a proud history in Japan. Many anime companies were started under the influence of Tatsunoko, and it's considered one of the three main sources of Japanese animation.Within that long history, the company has made various masterpieces like Speed Racer, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, and the Time Bokan series. In recent years, it has made huge hits like King of Prism