Anime Site Collaboration Project Vol. 5 Polygon Pictures | Comic News Global
Japanese anime continues to gain popularity around the world. We're conducting interviews of anime studios and asking them about the behind-the-scenes process and the thoughts that go into anime production. This is a large-scale project that is being done in collaboration with anime sites around the world, including the anime information site Anime Anime!, Tokyo Otaku Mode with 20 million likes on Facebook, and the huge Chinese site Bahamut. Polygon Pictures's best-known works: Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters, Blame!, Knights of Sidonia, Ajin, Lost in Oz, Tron: Uprising, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and more.The latest Godzilla film coming to theaters. ©2018 TOHO CO.,LTD.The entrance of Polygon Pictures in Minami-Azabu, Minato Ward.One of the Emmy trophies and plaques that Polygon has won. They have received this award five times.The inside of the studio. The seats are separated by team, such as CGI production or digital art. They don't use paper for their animation at all.The office is