I Am Encouraged | Christian Parenting For Today
We live in a sinful world. A world that could overwhelm us with discouragement if we let it. Yesterday our first grade went to a local theater production called Seussical the Musical. It was sold as a blend of Dr. Seuss' beloved classic stories formed into a cohesive story. While most of it was fun and very Dr. Seuss like, unfortunately it had a drunken scene, provocative dancers and a few characters inappropriately dressed. Hardly taken from Dr. Seuss books! There they were, performing for an audience full of early elementary aged children with scenes dealing with subjects children should not have to deal with. One of our first grade teachers said a little girl in her class was talking about getting to stay up late to watch Desperate Housewives. Am I missing something here? OK, I admit, I have never seen Desperate Housewives. However, it is now on the Strohm household "ban" list. I am talking about the commercial ban list! We turn off the commercials for the show, never mind allow the