Name Calling | Christian Parenting For Today
When my children were young they would give each other a hard time by calling one another inappropriate names. While these "names" were more innocent when young, they increasingly became more and more inappropriate. Early on Ellen and I set up a routine that helped curb this inappropriate behavior. When we caught a child name-calling we made them stop, look the "victim" in the eye and ask for forgiveness. Then they had to say three things they liked about that sibling. We refined the "three things" rule to require three character qualities. We are called to honor and respect one another. Name-calling goes to the heart of disrespect. I urge you to not accept this behavior in your children. Set a clear consequence and follow through! Remember, the way your child treats his or her sibling is the way he or she will treat others in society. This is worth the battle! May God's grace and peace be with you, Mark Strohm, Jr.