Sleep To Learn | Christian Parenting For Today
According to research done in the mid 1990's on sleep, while your body powers down your brain powers up. It reorganizes and "implants" what you learned during the day. Your body needs sleep for survival and for learning. Yet typical lifestyles of families and children are detrimental to good sleep. So how much sleep is enough? Infants should get 14-15 hours Toddles should get 12-14 hours Preschoolers should get 11-13 hours School-aged children grades 1-5 should get 10-11 hours A survey conducted in 2004 showed the averages for all ages coming up short on needed sleep. So, how can we help our children get enough sleep? The top 4 sleep stealers in children are: TV, caffeine, too many activities and obesity. Shockingly one survey showed that 43% of school-aged children (grades 1-5) have a television set in their bedroom. OK, get a grip here! Get the TV out of the bedroom. Secondly, limit the time spent on TV. No rule about the amount of TV usually means no restraint. Caffeine is well