Beyond Berlin: Scotland and the question of borders - Collidoscope Berlin
Coming off an evening with Invisible Borders that was all about transcending boundaries, it was an eye-opening juxtaposition to visit a country that had just explored creating more stagnant borders of their own. This was to be my first trip to Scotland, but as I had visited England and Ireland in the past I wasn’t expecting much in the way of culture shock. I had heard something about an exotic concoction called Haggis, anticipated equal amounts difficulty and delight navigating the Scottish accent, and was prepared for plaid. Oh, and rain. Lots and lots of rain. So during my short stint in Edinburgh and the Highlands, I was especially interested to delve into what it was the Scots themselves believed distinguished them from the rest of the UK enough to merit separating themselves off with tighter borders. Did it really have anything to do with national identity, the sentiment conjured up by media images of teenagers covered in blue and white paint? Or was it really more for economic reasons, tied to access to finite resources like North Sea Oil? Scotland’s recent independence referendum, arising from a sweeping win by the Scottish National Party in the 2011 Parliament elections, was [...]