Back to School! - A Blog About Nothing
I’m FINALLY going to start school on Wednesday. I have been looking forward to this for a long, long time. It’s amazing that by the time I start, some people will have already been in for a month. Those lucky souls. And you know what’s even better than getting back into the classroom and learning about ancient Mayans and British literature? Getting my student loans! Hello, Forever 21! My room mates and I have been reading more magazines lately, and the Young Hollywood spread from Teen Vogue really caught my eye. Now, I would not have actually purchased this particular issue as Justin Bieber was on the cover. I’m not a pedophile! He’s gross. But anyhow, it was sent to my friend’s apartment and she didn’t want it, and I can’t turn down a free magazine. This spread is very late 60’s/70’s, which you know I love. I’m also completely obsessed with this first look and I am making a vow to incorporate leopard back into my wardrobe. Source: The Fashion Spot Looks like I’m going to be needing more sweaters. I’m getting my internet fixed on Tuesday so I may actually become a reliable blogger again! Related