Sorry I’ve been MIA lately, I had some major school business to get done! Next week is finals week, and then I’ll finally be free. I’ve decided to make a new feature on my blog: wish list picks. I have an Amazon Universal wishlist button on my browser, and I’m always sending things to my wish list, as if I’ll actually have money some day to buy these gorgeous items. I wish! I usually just spend all my money on food, alcohol, bills, and rent. There’s not usually anything left for new clothes, even though fashion is my number one passion. But before we get to the wish list picks, I have developed a drink that I am very proud of. It’s called the Coco, and you can drink it whenever you want. It’s just vanilla vodka and diet ginger ale, but it’s totally delicious! For extra Coco-ness, you can sip it while listening to Sam Cooke and early Beatles. At least, that’s what I’m doing right now. Above all things, I need this purse. Damn. Almost makes me want to pick up a second job as an exotic dancer, you know? Also, I’m really digging on this song right now, and I’m remembering how AWESOME Tiny Toons was. If I could describe myself as any fictional character, I would certainly pick Babs from Tiny Toons. I may have had a few too many Cocos. Related