What I Did This Weekend: Pirate Hookers and more! - COLLEEN'S TRAVEL BLOG
This weekend I went to a Pirates vs. Ninjas party. I know, right? It was a shit ton of fun. My friends and I chose to go the pirate route, though we looked more like bikers than anything. As Carly noted, pirates are bikers of the sea. Naturally, there were Ninja Turtles. Isn’t the blood a nice touch? I really don’t recommend wearing an eyepatch while drinking rum. Isn’t this a cool room? Eric and my new friend Mandy. This kid broke a hammer before my very eyes. Forgive me: I’m not sure how this is viewed in the blogosphere, but I wore the same outfit the next day, minus the gaudy gold pirate hooker jewelry. Don’t I live in a beautiful area? Vest: American EagleTank top: HollisterShorts and sunglasses: DeliasSandals: Target I told Eric I would make him dinner last night. He wanted Mexican, but since I am too lazy to do authentic, I made him a taco ring, otherwise known as “Taco Wellington.” It was so good! Eric ate half the ring in one sitting. So that’s what I did this weekend, in a nutshell. Do you like this feature? Related