This week has been going poopily. I just have so much to do, and so little time to do it! For instance, today I read over 200 pages of Mansfield Park. I don’t believe I have ever engaged in such an extensive reading binge. It doesn’t help that I just discovered Weardrobe and Chictopia, and now I am officially ready to resign to a life of internet solitude. Seriously, how do people have time to do these things? It’s so overwhelming…especially Chictopia! There is soooo much there to look at. It’s unbelievable. I can’t even get into the Style Gallery, or maybe I am in it? I don’t know. Apparently my clothes aren’t good enough for these fashionistas. But they were good enough for all the guys driving by while I was walking to lunch! This cardigan was a clearance Urban Outfitters find. I LOVE it. I’ll probably wear it tomorrow. And maybe the day after, if it’s not too smelly. It fits my style perfectly. This is also my power dress. I love this dress. I know I love it, because it goes through the wash every time I do laundry. That is a rarity in Colleen’s closet, believe me. And to think it was only $6 on a clearance rack at Gadzooks (too janky to even be a Forever 21)…in 2007! We never know when these things will happen, do we? And it’s perfect for drankin’ since my stomach can swell up with greasy food and beer and no one will know! Cardigan: Urban OutfittersDress: Forever 21Tights: TargetPurse: ExpressShoes: VintageNecklace: Vintage, gift from my grandma, bless her soul I have two new followers which I’m very happy about. Thanks guys! Also, thank you Carly for taking these pictures and illuminating me on how much of a “Colleen face” that first picture is. It is a look of disdain, if you must know. Related