I Want to Be a Rockstar - COLLEEN'S TRAVEL BLOG
So…at some point during a spurt of crazy solo dancing in my room on Saturday, I decided something. I decided that I want to start a band. And I want this band to be a mix of New Wave, glam rock, disco, David Bowie, MGMT, and Lady Gaga. I want to make music you can dance to, and I want to dress up crazily. I don’t know where I come up with this shit. But then I put an ad on Facebook about it. So now I have a drummer, a keyboardist, and another guitar player. All we need is a bassist…and to know how to be a band… I was once in a band. We were called Dixie Newhouse. I played guitar and sang, and we performed songs such as “Santeria,” “Say It Ain’t So,” and “Barracuda.” It was freshman year of high school, and I was very uncomfortable with myself and not very self-confident. I hadn’t even come into my adult bra size, how was I supposed to rock it? So, hopefully this goes better than last time. Things are supposed to come together after spring break…In the mean time, here’s some pictures I pulled off my computer and my Tumblr to show you some direction here… So…that’s the look I’m going for. Big hair, bold make up, teal, coral, denim, and heavy disco, 80’s, and grunge influences. At least, in my dreams. You know, the dreams where I am a rock star. In other news, I want to tell you about two blogs my close comrades have started. My sister has started the 80’s-tastic Captain Morgan, and my best friend has started I Have Fun. I highly recommend them to you…these girls have great taste and I’ve been ripping them off for years. Now you can too! Don’t worry, I’ll be a better blogger soon…my quarter is done on Wednesday and then it’s time for the St. Patrick’s Day celebration! Although I am highly offended by the holiday, the phrase “Irish for a day” and the representation of my people in general, I hear that redheads can get free drinks so I’m going to take advantage of this shit! One good thing about being Irish is that you hallucinate about flying around rainbows with watercolor whales all the time. Related