Losing Connection
I recently woke up before anyone else in our house. I would like to report that I took a deep breath, opened the curtains to take in the beauty of the day, rolled out my yoga mat and completed a set of restorative and energising yoga poses. But I’d be lying. Truth be told, barely lifting my head I reached for my phone and the only thing that got a bit of stretching that morning was my index finger as it scrolled through my twitter feed. After a fewish minutes (hard to gauge – time flies when you’re scrolling) I heard my son’s footsteps coming to our room. I practically threw the phone onto my bedside table for fear of being caught red handed. You may wonder why I panicked as if about to be bust doing a drug deal on my bed. In that split second I became abundantly aware of my blatant hypocrisy. I spend time playing screen police with my kids. They openly deplore my screen management style and here I was barely awake and doing not as I say. Having come clean on my own vulnerability and attraction to the screen like a moth to a flame, it is something that sits uncomfortably with me, particularly around children. I often think about how we are dealing with balancing all that those screens have to offer in terms of linking us with people, knowledge, ideas and news and what we are potentially losing in the great disconnect from what is happening right in front of us. So what’s at stake and what can we do about it?