Report by Loh-Yi-Pei | co惻iki
Project Repot Please view the report on Barter Project by YiPei. Resident's feedback on Co-iki Residency Program 1. The environment of the residence/room, working & living environment, location, etc. The room is great for living and working. It has very nice view and sufficient sunlight during the day which is good for art-making. The fact that it can be interchangeable as a bedroom or studio or display room makes it a meaningful and useful space. The house is lovely and a very nice place to stay. The residency, where is located 15-minute walk away from Sengawa station, is close to shops and restaurants. Overall, the location is very good. 2. Co-iki members, atmosphere & characters, etc. Co-iki members are very friendly and nice to communicate with. They are very open to share ideas and give suggestions when necessary. They also give useful advices or information regarding my stay in Tokyo and Japanese culture. Spending time with the members and staying in the Co