Support | co・iki
<Resident Support> Residents in this program are expected to be independent, actively pursuing their research upon their own resources. co・iki does try to help as much as possible, offering coordination support of approximately 1-2 days a week, and with the director in residence participants don’t have to call far if they need a hand with something. <Co-ordination> The co ・ iki team also provide a coordination service for creative professionals beyond the residence program. If you are visiting Japan with a particular project in mind but need help in realizing it please feel free to contact us. These services are subject to a separate charge. ● Professional Introductions – do you need to be put in touch with other professionals in the field? We can contact key persons and make appointments for you to make your trip as efficient as possible. ● Translation – we are open to consultation on the translation of various documents ● Interview Support – Do you plan to hold