Tracking Sea Level Rise | The Climatographers
Sea level rise (SLR) is one of the aspects of climate change you see discussed most often. It's a complicated and uncertain topic. It's easy to estimate what the Earth would look like if all of the world's ice melted over the next couple of thousand years; it's much harder, however, to reliably anticipate sea levels in 2030, 2050, or 2100. There are big uncertainties for—and big risks to—coastal cities and infrastructure. This Dashboard makes it possible for you to quickly review many of the key aspects of the sea level rise problem, including relevant news stories, reports, and websites. The information organized here is just a small sliver of the SLR information present in the full Climate Web, but we hope it's useful in providing a "snapshot." In the first column each SLR "issue" contains an overview slide that pops up if you hover over it. Clicking on the issue will open up selected materials (news stories, reports, websites), each with URL links or PDFs that you can access in the