Finding Good News Spotlight | The Climatographers
It's easy to feel frustrated by the slow pace of progress on climate change policies. The reality is that many positive trends are in motion; people concerned about climate change can find a lot to cheer about. The Good News Dashboard pulls together news stories, reports, videos, and websites you can use to further explore these trends. This Dashboard doesn't suggest that climate change is under control. But it is key for people concerned about climate change to see that there is a path forward. Imagine if the Dashboard trends with the most potential could be doubled or tripled in terms of implementation speed and net effect? How fast could that change the overall climate change picture? Each Dashboard "trend" contains an overview slide that pops up if you hover over it. Clicking on a trend will open up selected materials (news stories, reports, websites), each with URL links or PDFs that you can access in the Notes field below (which can be opened or closed – see the HELP thought at