If Only We Knew What We Know About Climate Change in Oregon | The Climatographers
When it comes to climate change, Carla Odell's "if only we knew what we know," is an apt metaphor, particularly given Woodrow Wilson's point that "there is not an idea in our heads that has not been worn shiny by someone else's brains." Imagine what we could accomplish on climate change in Oregon if everyone didn't have to reinvent the same climate change wheels, or come up the same lengthy learning curves. Imagine if we could more easily progress from 101-level conversations about climate policies and climate solutions to 201 and 301-level conversations. What could we accomplish if we could overcome the unfortunate reality as summarized by Margaret Heffernan, that "in climate change, all the forces of willful ignorance come together like synchronized swimmers in a spectacular water ballet." Knowledge management tools and processes can go a long way toward making these aspirations a reality. These tools make it easier for individuals interested in climate change in Oregon to access the