The Pitfalls of Anecdotes | The Climatographers
In the flood of "climate opinion" I monitor, two pieces jumped out at me a few weeks ago. First, in the Environmental Forum (published by the Environmental Law Institute), Editor Stephen Dujack's editorial bemoans the "doom and gloom" dominating the climate change conversation. He notes: "Never in my nearly thirty years as an environmental journalist have I seen such doom and gloom. And that era has seen a lot of doom and gloom." Steve provides a list of positive news on the climate front, much of it technology-based, noting that: " scan of the headlines reveals that there is abundant good news in the race to save the planet." Also recently, UC-Berkeley law professor Dan Farber, in his Legal Planet column, provided a long list of things that law schools are doing on climate change. He concluded: "Not that law schools are central to the effort, but it's good to know that we're making a contribution to the fight against climate change." This is the power of the anecdote. We love to use