Indigenous Environmental Network on pipeline decision:We won the battle, not the war
The delay buys time to strengthen our organizing work to stop the pipeline entirely. We will work to ensure this moment is remembered as the beginning of the end for the tar sands. Statement of the Indigenous Environmental Network November 11, 2011 Mother Earth Achieves a Victory Today with Obama Administration Decision to Delay the Keystone XL Pipeline Decision (Turtle Island) The United States Department of State and President Barack Obama announced they would seek a new environmental review of the Keystone XL pipeline. This will delay and hopefully stop the Trans Canada Corporation from pursuing to build the 1,700 mile long Keystone XL pipeline. The pipeline is part of the expansion of the flow of dirty oil from the tar sands of Canada. The Indigenous Environmental Network, through its Canadian Indigenous Tar Sands Campaign and its Keystone XL Pipeline organizing work has successfully put an indigenous and human rights face to this dangerous and environmental destructive tar