Tar sands industry admits impact of pipeline protests
The dedicated organizing of countless activists, including those arrested in Washington and Ottawa, is being felt by governments and industry. We can stop the pipeline! Tar Sands Action, October 31, 2011 Yesterday we got some of the strongest confirmation yet that efforts to stop the Keystone XL pipeline are having a long-term impact on the tar sands industry. It's clearer than ever that President Obama's decision on the pipeline will have a critical impact on the development of the tar sands in Alberta - potentially leading to "stranded oil sands" long term. Canada's Financial Post - the premier business magazine of Canada - published an article detailing how the escalating pressure to stop Keystone XL is causing investors in the tar sands to reconsider their long term plans for exploiting the world's second largest pool of carbon. Organizing by environmental justice advocates across the country has put the Keystone XL pipeline in question, which in turn has revealed just how