15 Billion People by 2100? Don't believe it. (UPDATED)
Contrary to reports by journalists and population alarmists, the UN isn't releasing a new population forecast this week, and there is virtually no possibility that global population will ever reach 15 Billion. UPDATE, OCTOBER 26: As this article predicted two days ago, the UN Population Fund report did not include a new population forecast. It merely repeated the projections released six months ago by the Population Division. That didn't stop the London Daily Telegraph from headlining its article on the UNFP report, "World population could double, warns UN." The Telegraph article was republished in several Postmedia papers in Canada, including the Ottawa Citizen and the Vancouver Sun, under the headline "World population hits seven billion and could double within 100 years." The media never lets accuracy get in the way of publishing scary population numbers... +++++++++++++++++++++ by Ian Angus The world's population will soon pass 7 Billion, and the United Nations Population Fund