Women's Rights, Population and Climate Change: The Debate Continues
Should climate activists and feminists support campaigns to slow population growth? Laurie Mazur says that alliance will strengthen the movement. Ian Angus strongly disagrees … Introduction Climate and Capitalism recently published a debate between Betsy Hartmann and Laurie Mazur about campaigns that promote family planning and reproductive health programs as means of slowing population growth and fighting global warming. We subsequently published a reply to Laurie Mazur in which Ian Angus argued that "The combination of population reduction and women's rights was already like oil and water. Adding CO2 reductions to the mix only makes things worse." This post continues the debate, with new articles by Laurie Mazur and Ian Angus. We encourage readers to join the discussion, using the Comments feature at the bottom of this page. Laurie Mazur is director of the Population Justice Project. Her book, A Pivotal Moment: Population, Justice and the Environmental Challenge, was published this