The Facts About the Alberta Tar Sands
In Canada, both the governing Conservatives and the opposition Liberals are trying to shrug off National Geographic magazine's recent photographic expose of the massive devastation caused by mining the Alberta Tar Sands. Facts just don't matter if they might undermine profits. Alberta Tar Sands Facts – Judge for Yourself From West Coast Climate Equity Both of Canada's major party leaders are defending the continuance and further development of the Alberta Tar Sands by saying that carbon capture and storage (CCS) will collect carbon dioxide emissions from Tar Sands operations and make them environmentally and socially sustainable. Both leaders know that this technology is currently not available and that, if successfully developed, it will be very costly and "the first commercial CCS plant won't be on stream until 2030 at the earliest" . Also not addressed is the vast technological difference between CCS for coal and CCS for Tar Sands, the latter being so much more complex because of