The three decisive social forces that can stop climate change
Tasks for ecosocialists in building a global movement against ecological destruction This Editorial will appear in the Summer 2008 issue of Socialist Resistance. In Britain, a 5-issue subscription to this journal is £10 — send a cheque to Socialist Resistance, PO Box 1109, London N4 2UU. For international subscription rates, email The protest against the proposed third runway at Heathrow Airport on 31st May sent a powerful message to Gordon Brown's government: we will not sit idly by and watch while the future of our planet is put at risk. Current plans to expand our airports are cynically irresponsible and fly in the face of the government's professed concerns about climate change. Of course, carbon emissions do not respect national boundaries. With atmospheric CO2 concentrations already over 387ppmv, the need for serious global action to radically reduce emissions is more urgent than ever. The Campaign against Climate Change is right to campaign for