The Director Writes a Blog Post | Clean Water for Haiti
Leslie and Kim are in charge of social media these days, so I rarely write any kind of update anymore. However, a few different people have called or written me in the past few months asking me if Clean Water for Haiti is still active. It turns out that it's been a long time since the last blog update on our website, and work is a bit slow for me today, so I'm going to step outside my usual role and write to all y'all. Visiting some people while out doing some video work for the mission. This lady gave me a chicken nesting basket to take home to Leslie and the kids for homeschooling stuff. We are definitely still active, and we're not going anywhere. For my part, Haiti has been my home since 2002. I've lived in Haiti longer than I have lived in any other country. In certain ways the United States and Canada feel foreign to me now. Leslie has been here almost as long as I have, and our kids only see the USA and Canada as places we go on vacation once a year.