Peyi Lock | Clean Water for Haiti
"Peyi lock" are words we've been hearing more frequently in the past year. It translates to "country lockdown" and it's a statement about current political issues getting so bad, the country is locked down and people can't go about their day in a normal way. Since last summer Haiti has been building steam toward a major outbreak of civil unrest. Chris and I have been watching it slowly roll, and after each of us spending more than a decade in country, we knew it was just a matter of time until things blew up completely. Last summer the sitting president announced a major hike in gas prices, which is something that needs to happen, but the method was a major shock to the system, so to speak and people revolted. Since then, every few months or so, we've been going through days of the country being locked down, or "peyi lock", as people protest the current government. These "lockdowns" take the form of roads being blocked by rocks, rubble, and burning tires and are manned by