15 Years of Clean Water | Clean Water for Haiti
"How long does a filter last?" It's a question we get often as we share about what we do here at Clean Water for Haiti, and it's a good one to be asking. People want to know if their investment in helping get Haitian families clean water is going to be a long-term thing. For Chris and I, and our long-term staff, we know that filters can last a long time, because we've all had first-hand experience with them in that regard. Before CWH moved to it's new facilities, the filter in the round house (it was literally a round house) had been working for 14 years, and we only had to clean it a couple of times, because our water source there was clear and the filter didn't clog up at all. All of our staff are gifted a filter after 1 month of employment, so all CWH employees have had experience with their own filters working for many years. Some of our guys have been with us for over a decade, and their filters are still serving their families well. But, what about filters that we install