True Blood 4 Episode 1 with video recap – **spoiler warning**!!
You've been warned 'kay? So if you don't wanna know, don't read on! I was tempted to save up all the episodes and have a marathon, like I did with seasons 1-3 but....I'm sooooo weak! I watched episode 1 last night and was gutted when it ended - I have no doubt this feeling will haunt me on a weekly basis till the season ends - so many questions! Gotta say I was really pleased with the first episode. It can't be easy...making sure you give newcomers enough of a background to the storyline (3 seasons worth!) and also set the scene for the current season. So yeah, bearing that in mind, I was happy. Very cleverly the writers have managed to manipulate a jump forward in time by having Sookie visit faerieland for what she thinks is a couple of hours. However everyone else back in Bon Temps think she's been missing for a year. This was needed I think for a bit of breathing space after season 3 and to give the characters, who had been through a lot in a short-ish [...]