Let little girls BE little girls!
There's the same old bandwagon again..and the same people jumping on it to shoot their mouths off but not actually DO anything about it! These stories have been filtering over to us for some time now, usually from the States but it's getting scarily more common here, about little girls being made up to look like 25 year olds. The excuse? It's for a beauty pageant. Seriously?? How long did anyone really think it would take for this ridiculous behaviour of dressing our daughters up like dolls and suffocating them in make-up, false tans and hair extensions, to trickle over into their everyday life? There are 4 year olds out there who think it's perfectly acceptable to wear blusher and lip gloss on a daily basis! The latest outrage regarding this matter it is that now 'mothers' are giving their children, and I do mean children, not even teenagers....botox and boob jobs. As gifts! Hands up who's actually surprised about this. You must be kidding! Why wasn't this [...]