“…it’s like some guy banging on some wok!”
Come Dine With Me is always an education! Take yesterday's episode for example. I learned how to make a courgette roulade look like a vomit filled swiss roll, that it costs £300 a month to look after your dogs 'properly' (y'know...clothes, perfume, ribbons and bows...the usual doggy necessities) AND what a hang drum is.... Hang on (no pun intended honest!) that last one actually WAS educational! Just in case you didn't get the sense of irony about the other 'lessons learned'! One of the highly cultured contestants, desperate to win the grand prize of £1000, invited in a friend to entertain his guests with the beautiful sounds of the Hang (pronouced 'hung') drum. Only to have it described as "...some guy banging on some wok" by one of the other slightly less cultured diners! It sounded AWESOME! I'm no drummer but I know my music and this instrument is 'special'. After seeing it, or more importantly hearing it, I spent the next few hours trawling the net to [...]