The Hotel!
I'd heard about this programme on Channel 4 and been told I'd like it before promptly (and typically) forgetting all about it. Apparently it was mentioned by someone who thinks I can actually take these passing comments in...whilst doing the laundry, cleaning the bathroom, loading the dishwasher, preparing lunch, planning dinner....awww - just call me Cinders! Sunday evenings are usually put aside for catching up on my American favourites. My HBO fix. Whilst getting settled with my spag bol and lining up the vodka and cokes for the evening, 'The Hotel' I thought I may as well see what the craic was. I don't think I've ever complained quite so much the whole way through a programme. At least not since the first Big Brother over 10 years ago....which incidentally turned out to be the last time I ever watched that programme! I have a feeling my Sunday nights will be returning to normal too and that last weekend was a mere hiccup. The programme is a [...]