Jack Wills Review
I must admit I hadn't actually heard of this brand of clothing until today when I read about on in the Financial Times website. I liked the cute dresses in the picture though, so decided to look up this Jack Wills fella. The website initially reminded me of the Joe Browns brand of which I am a fan and have been for years but where they differ, is on desired demographic and more importantly (certainly to any students I know of!) cost. JB tends to be a very 'surfer' kind of style, casual, relaxed, easy to wear and affordable. Similar to what I see on the Jack Wills website....apart from the prices. The JW brand is aimed at students, students with money, with an emphasis on both home and abroad, the 'British-ness'. Their description of what they do being: 'Jack Wills creates fabulously British goods for the university crowd. Drawing inspiration from Britain's rich history and culture, juxtaposed with a heavy dose of the hedonistic university lifestyle, we [...]