Pernicious Anaemia (part 1 of…who knows!)
I have recently been diagnosed with Pernicious Anaemia. When I say recent , I mean 2 weeks ago. It still feels strange to say it. Feels weird to recognise that I have a condition that will never go away and requires lifelong treatment. I never imagined such a thing affecting me and, as many others admit when diagnosed with anything serious...I thought things like this happened to other people. So as it's a fairly recent diagnosis I've had my head buried in books and my fingers flying over the keyboard doing extensive and in-depth research. Some pages I don't want to read...I come back to them later when I'm feeling a bit more positive. I think I'm a bit sick of reading now. I'm not finding what I'm looking for. There are no articles or papers on the subject that say 'but don't worry, you'll be fine'. Thats what I want to hear. Even though I don't believe it....yet. I'm finding the nomenclature a difficult one to explain to friends and [...]