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Confederate Dead at Antietam - Period Photo If you have even a mild interest in the Civil War, you've probably seen this photo at some point. But exactly where was the photo taken and who are these dead men? These are Confederate dead killed at the battle of Antietam in 1862, lying by fence on Hagerstown Road, which at that time was known as Hagerstown Pike. The photographer, Alexander Gardner, recorded five photographs of the same group of bodies. Of the five photos, this one was the most important in establishing the scene's location as well as the unit identity of most of the dead portrayed. The precise location of this and several other Antietam photos remained unknown until several years ago when a Civil War historian, William Frassanito, painstakingly tracked down the exact location of the after-battle photos taken here at Antietam, and many more taken after the Gettysburg battle. Location of Confederate Dead at Antietam - Modern Photo This photo was taken from a point along the