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Pvt. Harris Henshel was a young German-speaking Jew in the 40th NY Regiment. He and most of the Army of the Potomac were camped in middle Virginia, waiting on Lee to make his move. In the meantime Henshel wrote a letter to his mother - written in German but translated here in English. As he was writing these words, Lee was already on the move but the Federals didn't realize it yet. And by the time they did, a day or two after this letter, Lee was leading his Army of Northern Virginia in a mad dash north, leaving the Army of the Potomac eating his dust. Henshel and his comrades chased Lee's army at ram-speed in a three-week foot race across Virginia and Maryland before the two armies finally met at a place called Gettysburg. Camp near Potomack Run, June 7, 1863 The Dear Mother, I received your dear letter of the 1st the evening before last and I write again according to your request. On the same day I also received a letter from Morris and one from Isadore. I wrote a letter to you on