Gettysburg Battlefield Videos - Day 1 | CivilWarBattles.US
This is a list of battlefield map videos for Gettysburg, covering the fighting on the first day of the battle (Chapters 1-10), on July 1, 1863. These brief videos are intended as supplements for the book, Our Fathers at Gettysburg. You might find it helpful to view each just before reading that chapter, and/or again after you're read the chapter. Chapter 1: Buford's Stand Chapter 2: The Railroad Cut Chapter 3: Herbst Woods at Gettysburg Chapter 4: Rodes Deploys at Oak Hill Chapter 5: The Fight for McPherson Ridge Chapter 6: Daniel Strikes Stone Chapter 7: The Federal Defeat on Oak Ridge Chapter 8: The Federal Defeat on Seminary Ridge Chapter 9: Blocher's Knoll Chapter 10: The Brickyard Fight